We gathered the contents of the questions many customers receive.

Please tell me the raw fish species.

We are using scales of freshwater fish (Cypriniformes) widely aquacultured around Southeast Asia.

Why are you specializing in fish scales collagen?

Fish scales are fewer lipids, less harmful substances such as heavy metals and arsenic, are healthy and safe raw materials.
Additionally, data show that collagen peptide from fish scales is absorbed into the blood after ingestion faster than collagen peptide made from fish skin or pig hide.
In short, RABJ’s choice of producing collagen derived from fish scales takes into account both safety and functionality.

Please tell me the example display when blending in products.

Food label example:Fish collagen,Collagen peptide,Hydrolyzed collagen
Cosmetic display example:Hydrolyzed collagen

The liquid collagen standard has solid content, what is this?

This is a highly concentrated liquid product with all of the moisture (including volatile matter) removed, and the remainder presented as “solid content.” Consequently, it contains substances such as collagen peptide and ash.

Can it be expressed as marine collagen?

Our collagen raw material is scales of freshwater fish and not seawater fish. You can not express marine collagen .

Is liquid collagen and hydrolyzed collagen the same one?

Collagen is a protein that comprises the greatest portion of animal skin and bones. Collagen in the body has a polymer structure and an average atomic weight of 300,000. When these proteins are dissolved, and broken down by enzymes, the product is called hydrolyzed collagen. Liquid collagen is a hydrolyzed collagen that has been liquefied. Hydrolyzed collagen also exists in a powdered form.

What are Type I, Type II, and Type III collagens? Which type is RABJ collagen?

Collagen in living organisms is formed by three elongated chains of amino acids wound together in a spiral. Each of the three chains is characterized by the body part it is found in, such as skin, bone, scales, or cartilage. Approximately 30 types of collagen have been identified to date. These are categorized into Type I and Type II, with skin and bone collagen belonging to Type I, the most common type of collagen. RABJ collagen is made from fish scales, its main ingredient being Type I collagen.

What is the difference between collagen and collagen peptide?

Collagen is essentially a form of protein found in the bodies of animals. However, in a broader sense, a substance called “collagen peptide” may also be called a collagen. As an example, when you make a boiled fish dish, collagen begins to dissolve away from the skin forming a gelatin that solidifies when it cools down. This is a kind of fish jelly. When the gelatin is further broken down by enzymes, amino acids bind to the collagen and its molecular weight is reduced. We call this form “collagen peptide,” which is easy to dissolve in water, and will not turn to a jelly when it gets cold.