RABJ is a specialized manufacturer of fish collagen.


  • 2018/7/26

    We updated HACCP, GMP certification of Thai factory.

  • 2018/7/11

    Our website has been revamped.

  • 2018/7/1

    Sales start of liquid collagen exclusively for cosmetics
    (Japanese Standards of Quasi-drug Ingredients Compliant item)

  • 2018/5/1

    Sales of lactic acid bacteria "Lactic acid bacteria LL-C" from collagen

Product introduction

List of certification / certification acquisition

RABJ has obtained the following certifications to live up to our credo of customer safety and peace of mind.

  • RABJ performs hygiene management that incorporates the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points approach.

  • We have cleared the standards for production control and quality control of medical supplies and nonmedicinal products.

  • It is recognized as a food processed in a proper way determined by Islam.

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The raw material of RABJ's fish collagen is fish scales 100%.

RABJ specializes in manufacturing fish collagen, and does not deal in other raw materials like pig hide.
Fish collagen raw material is fish scales 100%.
RABJ has manufactured using 100% fish scales since our inception because fish scales accumulate minimal foreign impurities and heavy metals, making them safer compared to other raw materials (e.g. pig hide, fish skin).